From Panerai two chronographs dedicated to the vintage sailboat circuit

In 2017, Panerai celebrates the thirteenth year of the panerai carbotech replica Classic Yachts Challenge, the most important international racing race for classic and classic boats, and celebrates this extraordinarily long convention with a series of watches designed for sea lovers, featuring a Vintage but strongly contemporary look in the technology solutions of excellence adopted.… Read More »

TAG Heuer has introduced the second generation of its interconnected watch, the first smartwatch with interchangeable parts and a high-mechanical mechanical module. Designed, developed and assembled in Switzerland, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is the first luxury smartwatch connectable and interchangeable parts plus a high-mechanical mechanical module. The Swiss luxury watchmaker replica TAG Heuer… Read More »

Watches, it’s Rolex’s first brand in Italy

No one knows what arbiter elegantiarum has first decreed that “the watch is the only gem given to a man.” While Italy is the reference point for elegance and style, perhaps even more feminine, the sales figures of cheap fake rolex watches confirm that men in our country are very serious about that. According to data… Read More »

How Rolex turned the wristwatch into a myth?

In the early twentieth century, the pocket watch was the norm; The one who would be his successor was considered an unreliable substitute and, above all, a more aesthetic than practical element: used to be considered a feminine jewel. Hans Wilsdorf, born in Bavaria in 1880, firmly believes in the wristwatch, and strives to prove… Read More »

Politicians in Ukraine fond of Rolex and Cartier

They have expensive watches, timers, real estate and lots of cash. Power in Ukraine is not bad endowed, according to a list of assets of politicians and officials, which has been made public. One of the most notable lists is that of the mayor of Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk), Boris Filatov. He reports that he was… Read More »

Omega Speedmaster Series 38mm watch

As a highly recognizable chronograph watch, Omega Speedmaster watch has long been world-renowned. This year, Omega will launch a new super series 38 mm watch, and then continued the extraordinary legend of the brand chronograph watch. The new timepiece retains this series of consistent inner essence and iconic appearance, in the timeless and lasting design… Read More »