26 Sep

Replicas relojes TAG Heuer Formula 1 Orange WAH1116 FT6024

New for 2016, the Formula 1 “Orange” TAG Heuer is not really a new model, but rather a slightly different take on popular formula of TAG Heuer’s 1 series. The collection of Formula 1 is the TAG Heuer’s “entry level” – a sports watch model, but basic (movement) quartz – and affordable, too. With an estimated retail price of $ 1,200, this is about as low as you can go while still getting a watch that carries an iconic brand such as TAG Heuer. Orange Formula 1 TAG Heuer hit display cases everywhere in June, available in a bracelet rubber strap or stainless steel, both represented.
On another note – there is now very interesting dynamic between quartz and mechanical in the sub- $ 1.500 price points, and this watch is a good example. As I see it, on the $ 1,500 price point consumers can now watch clearly assess the mechanical movements of quartz movements, but below this price point it’s not so clear. There seems to be a fierce battle between the two types of movements in prices sub- $ 1.500 – but I think that quartz is slowly but surely but being devalued at higher price points, leading the watches with mechanical movements. In a few more years, it will be interesting to see the state of the market for quartz movement watches prices over $ 1,000. I, for one, sees the quartz continue to be undervalued by the consumer, and thus being relegated further and further down the value chain. Back where it belongs.

22 Sep

replicas relojes Bell&Ross Instrument BR 01-97 Commando Power Reserve watch specification

Use more flak jacket often that a business suit? Then the new Power Reserve Command Instrument BR 01-97 Bell and Ross is just the right watch for you.

The square-shaped body traditional B & R’s having fun with time large and detailed Arab indexes hand and enormous hour, the new Power Reserve Command BR 01-97 Instrument Bell & Ross yet preserves an aspect discreet and unobtrusive.

The reason, of course, is the extensive use of various technologies that provide watch a look of caution-style.

Its stainless steel polished dark-gray sandblasted and covered with coal. Its sapphire crystal offers the antireflective coating on both external and internal sides. And his hands and indexes are covered with a light-emitting copious amounts of gray matter.


The only stylistic error is the indicator that looks like it was transplanted directly from some other ?? n normal clock power backup.

But if you can live with this minor annoyance, then this watch is certainly for you. If you manage to get one of only 500 copies intended to be sold all over the civilized world.

19 Sep

replicas relojes Hublot Classic Fusion Opaline Dial automatic watch specification

Automatic watch New opaline dial Hublot Classic Fusion is driven by one of its first internal movements of Unico project. Now, that’s what I call a true Swiss watch.

Although there was much criticism when ETA declared intention to stop selling blank movements customers third party, the movement was really good for the industry.

Established and even young but financially successful brands Breitling likes, Panerai and, yes, Hublot finally realized that you just can not sit on their laurels forever ahem selling the same movements churned simply filled in cases skilled and sold in a huge margin. Because at some point one people start asking questions, you know.

Hublot’s first attempt at making their internal movement were the series of Unico of calibres.Comenzado with movement Chronograph Flyback HUB1240, was soon joined by the HUB1110 caliber offers a disposal three-given standard and a simple calendar.

First introduced with the recent Hublot Big Bang Automatic watch Ladies 38 millimeter caliber automatic watch also operates the New opaline dial Hublot classic fusion.

According to the company, the colored version of rose gold watch will be available both in the cases of 42 and 45 millimeters, being successors to the glorious heritage of sports watches Big Bang, features the same basic shape but is a simplified Trifle compared to the original.
However, thanks to a combination of polished and satin-finished surfaces, the case seem truly magnificent and, well, even majestic.

My only complaint here is on the dial. Supplied baton-shaped indexes, silver opaline work seems somewhat boring way, lacking the depth and the necessary details.

14 Sep

Replicas Breitling Watches Chronoliner

Breitling unveils 2015 model Chronoliner steel. 2016, the winged brand “B” offers this 46mm re sports watch replica, ultra-complete with chronograph functions, date and GMT with ceramic bezel, waterproof 100 meters, in a new version in black steel sphere rubber and matching .

After the model steel and red gold limited series (250 ex. Output this year), this chronograph Breitling Replica proposes triple time zone, based on a program from 1950 to 1960, a new look black. In fact, the steel shell is provided with a coating based on carbon particularly resistant.
1With this replica watch, Breitling offers a complete clock. In fact, this model imposing 46mm (which is appropriate only for large dolls) is a chronograph date in the time zone of triple resistant to 100 meters. In short, a room decked out for adventure and especially long journeys. In addition to its bidirectional rotating bezel is virtually scratch-resistant black ceramic.

Accomplice of all shipments (business or leisure), therefore this Chronoliner combines two useful features for pilots and world travelers: a chronograph hand one to measure the flight time and time zone triple to juggle different times of another balloon.

The second time zone, 24 hours (useful to distinguish night from day) is indicated in the traditional way by a central part with red tip, while the bezel can be read for the third time, well over 24 hours. The automatic movement is chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer). Note that is not a Fabrica caliber ‘. The characteristics of housing in its stylized lower planes that have long been the signature Breitling Replica.

Please note that this room is equipped with a rubber strap exclusive design incorporating Breitling Aero classic woven steel bracelet. “For our rubber mesh Milanese way, we had to develop very complex molds drawers that make this effect visible 3D Turvy, but also on the sides of the clock,” says Jean-Paul Girardin, vice president of Breitling Replica.

31 Mar

Sportscars: All for a watch – Rolex Daytona

“It’s all about the watch,” is a famous statement in Daytona, where this weekend the 54th edition of the 24-hour race for prototypes and GT cars is held. For the 24th year in succession Rolex is title sponsor of the race, which is also known by many as “The Rolex. The tradition of awarding a Rolex Daytona watch the winners goes back to the origins of the race in the sixties. AUTOSPORT.NL went in Daytona looking for the story behind the watches.

2016 Rolex 24 At Daytona

In 1962, Rolex gave the first for timekeeping at Daytona International Speedway. In that year took the sports car race another three hours, as the following year, to pass through two games of 2000 km in the years 1964 and 1965 for the duration of a day, which was the case every year since 1966. The Swiss watch manufacturer had previously some chronographs in the program, but they were never as popular as the normal models for hours, minutes and seconds hand. In 1963, the Rolex Cosmograph applied with the reference number 6239 on the market. The model was named “Daytona” with it, to show the connection between the circuit more content and brand. Rolex regarded racing drivers as a serious target group and therefore made the numerals on the bezel a lot bigger than comparable watches from other brands.

Paul Newman, not only a famous actor but also quite skilled driver, a dedicated ambassador for Rolex Daytona. By Newman supported model, with a second scale on the dial in a different (red) color received by fans nicknamed “Daytona Paul Newman. Such copies are sold at auctions for amounts up to 100,000 dollars, but caution is advised: there are ‘fakes’ than originals in circulation. The same applies to the Rolex Daytona that get the race winners at Daytona and for several years also in the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. “They are engraved and do a little depending on the event and the driver, some 50,000 Dollar,” said Rolex connoisseur and collector Wolfgang Wieland. “But even here there are more false than originals in circulation. Especially in Asia they are very creative in there …”

What does such a watch for a driver, we asked after Nick Tandy, who was allowed to participate as a member of the winning Porsche team at Le Mans last year a Rolex received, and previously as a class winner at Daytona in 2014 such “Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona” was. “Yes, I also wear them sometimes,” he says. “Not every day, but on special occasions. It’s like a kind of replica rolex trophy. Of course I Le Mans also the winner’s trophy, but that is at home in the closet. The watch is a trophy that can take around you everywhere, and wonderful reminder that success. ” He has already received offers to sell his watch? “Sure, but not a hair on my head to think about it!”

The Rolex Daytona is available in several versions, starting with the steel version, which costs 11,000 Euro since the recent price increase. If you can get there, because the waiting list before long. Upwards, the series well, with gold and other value-added business. But what makes these steel version now so coveted? Rolex expert Wolfgang Wieland: “Until 1988 were the Daytona models, you then had to replica rolex uk wind by hand, real store daughters, nobody wanted them but when Rolex came up with the Zenith mechanism, a vending machine, and when they were. popular. it is indeed a separate phenomenon to get the best performance the most difficult is, all other models are always just ease available. I think Rolex itself keeps deliberately sparse model. Rolex is a foundation, not a listed company, so there are no published production or sales figures. How many Daytona’s are produced, so no one knows. it also adds to the mystery that hangs over every Daytona. “

28 Mar

OMEGA Globemaster ARRIVES, THE CLOCK Eddie Redmayne


Leonardo DiCaprio will also have blown him his second Oscar for Best Actor (for The Danish Girl), but it certainly does not let Eddie Redmayne oust from the empyrean of the most elegant men in the world. Classic look, tailored suits, custom-made shoes and of course a splendid mechanical watch on your wrist: Style has met him in Los Angeles at the launch of the Globemaster “Annual Calendar” of replica omega, of which the British actor is perfect brand ambassador. “The history of this house has always fascinated very much,” he tells me, “from its birth when, in 1917, the British air force began indossarne clocks in flight, up to the landing on the moon. Omega has a history so rich, is an outstanding brand in which to be associated. ”

“Eddie has chosen us, not the other way” confirms smiling CEO Stephen Urquhart, and gets to tell the news of the Globemaster and certification Master Chronometer, attested by a numbered card that allows you to visualize how the timepiece (not any one sample, but just what you purchased) topped the eight intensive tests Swiss Federal Institute of metrology established, including those that ensure the operation when exposed to strong magnetic fields (up to 15,000 gauss). This certification guarantees that the constant use of smartphones, tablets and all the devices that surround us replica omega 007 watches uk on a daily basis does not affect the clock accuracy.

But technology is not everything. “The Globemaster design is stunningly beautiful,” explains Redmayne. “He has a classic appeal, since it is inspired by a watch that Omega produced in the sixties, but also very modern. It is an object that I can wear with everything. Maybe that’s why I love him. ” Especially striking is the iconic dial “Pie Pan”, made famous by the Constellation of 1952 models and surrounded by a bezel with rounded edges. The central hands for hours, minutes and seconds, as well as the indices, are coated with Super-LumiNova. “I do not like watches too showy and ostentatious, but none the less I want to feel the weight and the story of what I have on the wrist. It makes me feel stronger. ” Word of Eddie Redmayne.

26 Mar

Three Swiss watchmakers face the crisis

Thirty-six thousand oscillations per hour. This figure is one of the prides of the Zenith in Le Locle, where they make watches for 150 years. The movement “El Primero”, launched in 1969, beats faster than others, which makes it as precise a mechanical timepiece can be. But last year, the sky darkened to the firm at the star: sales decline “below 10%”. 2016 does not look tag heuer watch for sale much better for a brand connoisseurs owned since 1999 to LVMH. She suffers from its dependence on Chinese and Hong Kong markets. “It’s a beautiful garden, I am the gardener,” Aldo Magada advance. “And we have a few too many plants. For us to simplify our offering. “The Morgien, inducted in the summer 2014, after the departure of Jean-Frédéric Dufour at Rolex, three major projects before him. The first is to focus a prolific manufacturing (34 calibres house!) On a dozen movements declined around three lines: El Primero (chronograph), Elite (classicism) and Pilot (aviators watches).

The second project is economic. First, sell more watches (about 30 000 a year today, estimation), because the average price of units sold declined – the customer buys less gold, especially in China where hunting corruption n ‘ no incentive to wear the yellow metal wrist. For this, we must “work hard to get customers where they are, interest in travel retail, in a global market where confidence has eroded,” says Aldo Magada. Another effort, streamline the production tool by sharing skills with cousins ​​of the group, like TAG Heuer. The staff of the site Locle (210 people) could reduce, but no way threaten the survival of a manufacture which must continue to carry the values ​​of the brand.

Last challenge, raise awareness Zenith beyond aficionados. “The Chinese do not understand the concept of stopwatch, notes Aldo Magada. We need to put more passion and emotion, daring a different aesthetic. “Paw Jean-Claude Biver, boss replica tag heuer uk of the watchmaking division of LVMH, which put the” case Zenith “on its agenda in 2016, risk-t- she of “hublotiser” the brand from Le Locle? For now, Zenith bottom placing on the vintage, vintage cars, motorcycles cafe racer, barbers and shoeshine boys, all present on a stand that was very popular in Basel..


Louis Erard rises

A lost year. This is the nightmare that has lived Louis Erard last year in Italy, one of its most important markets. An exclusive distributor loses the ball a long struggle to separate, and not a single watch sold in the boot. “We had to review everything, strengthen our sales teams to start from scratch, says Alain Spinedi, CEO of the brand Noirmont (JU). We want to be closer to our retailers, ensuring their stability and profitability, and build differentiated strategies by region. ”

Examples? In the Middle East, the clientele is female half, attracted by simple complications, an oxymoron that well suits Louis Erard. In Europe, the positioning varies. “In the Czech Republic we are the premium, Croatia, rather the entrance,” commented Alain Spinedi. In his reconquest of operation, it has decided to lower its prices, with wise innovations: chronographs accents explorers, sober dials small seconds eccentric, and regulators (hour and minutes separated) that made his reputation.

Edox puts gas

Edox is not Rolex, but both brands share more than x: Alexandre Strambini, the young boss of the Jura brand has been a Davis Cup teammate of Roger Federer, now brand ambassador for the crown . At 40, Alexander Strambini now up to the net to prosper the watch brand was bought in 1983 by his father Victor ASUAG old, ancestor of Swatch. And it is to Formula 1 qu’Edox just look to boost its reputation: in late February, a sponsorship fake tag heuer uk contract was signed with the Swiss team Sauber.

A surprising choice? “Me too, I thought F1 in decline, but it is a European vision. A more detailed analysis showed us how, in numbers but also in perception, it remains a major vehicle. “Involved here some time in the World Championship rallies, Edox seeking a major sponsor. “With our three brands, Richelieu, Claude Bernard and Edox, we have reached a level of sales that forced us to position ourselves, says the young boss. Either we stayed on our positions, certainly satisfactory or we wanted to take the next step. “A financial risk? “Not at all. We maintain our philosophy very down to earth: you only pay what you can (note: we will not know more). This is a positive sign to see a small watch company (40 employees to Genevez in the Freiberger), 100% independent, engaging way. ”

The Jura brand is present in over 70 different markets. It is growing very strongly in Japan, where it sells watches for ten years, and has become his favorite country to Eastern Europe and Switzerland. Its price range is from 500 to 3,000 francs for very typical sports chrono.

26 Mar

Rolex Explorer 39mm: facelift but justified

Now there will be two references Explorer 39mm 214270. Those before 2016 and those after. Very similar watches but still different enough that we go back in details so that the second generation is much more interesting cheap replica rolex watches than the first …
But before going further, let us briefly about the history of the Rolex Explorer … One of the best catalog of Rolex, Rolex icon and one of the first Oyster for men to have been adopted by women there has fifteen years …

Edmund Hillary, the New Zealand giant of 1.90 meters, a former beekeeper who conquered Mount Everest and its 8,848 meters May 29, 1953 with his friend, the sherpa Tenzing Norgay, died January 11, 2008 in age 88 at Auckland hospital (New Zealand) following a heart attack.
But for lovers of Rolex, the name of Sir Edmund Hillary will remain forever linked to the Explorer model that was created following the first successful ascent of Everest. Indeed, we must know that in the early 50s, the Geneva brand begins to market its first professional watches.

She supports extreme adventurers and became “sponsor” of the British expedition by equipping some of its members. The watches functioned with great accuracy throughout the adventure, despite differences in temperature and copies of rolex watches maddening violent and repeated shocks. Today, Rolex worn by the sherpa Tensing Norway during the expedition of 1953, is in the Rolex Museum in Geneva.
This model of 36 mm no date is immediately recognizable by its black dial, wide inverted triangle at 12 o’clock, Arabic numerals 3-6-9 instead of the index and its needle-like star of hours “Mercedes”. The story also wants at the time, this watch was extremely resistant to temperature changes, operating without problem from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C, through a specific oil.
Under the “rejuvenation” progressive of its collections, the Geneva brand introduced in 2010 a new version of its Rolex Explorer. Carved from a block of steel 904L with exceptional anti-corrosion properties, it then says in a slightly expanded housing 39mm (vs. 36 mm). Another difference from the model 114270? The numbers 3, 6 and 9 are not in Superluminova in 2010 Explo (which does not please the fans of the model) and the term Explorer is no longer placed in the upper part but below the dial, just au Superlative Chronometer Officially above Certified.
This 2010 version equipped with its mechanical automatic movement (Calibre 3132 Rolex 48 hours of power reserve, COSC certified) with the Perpetual rotor, Parachrom spring and Paraflex shock absorbers, will be sold until this year ( late 2015 / early 2016). But surprise! Rolex decided to stop and replace it with a new watch bearing the same reference, incorporates the same caliber, but with a few extras that will make all the difference!

18 Feb

Panerai celebrates the Year of the Monkey

As part of its series dedicated to Chinese New Year, the Swiss-Italian brand unveils a limited edition Luminor the effigy of the monkey.

The meeting between two ancient and remote traditions panerai replica uk gave birth to Sealand Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio. New special edition printed in only 99 copies during the year of the monkey in the context of the series created by Officine Panerai as a tribute to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the eighth model of this exclusive series launched in 2009 .


The Year of the Monkey begins Monday, February 8, 2016 and will end Friday, January 27, 2017. In the Chinese Zodiac, monkey embodies virtues such as intelligence, eloquence and talent. Like all models in this series, this new Luminor 1950 Sealand boasts replica panerai a lid engraved with the image of the monkey. If the subject and style of engraving pay tribute to the Chinese astrological tradition, sophisticated technique used by Italian craftsmen is entirely manual.

First, steel is burned using a special tool, the “sparsello”. gold filaments are then embedded within the furrows made in the steel. Gold is injected into several parallel layers, then hit up completely fill the grooves etched in order to beautify the image of the monkey. This work requires a very precise knowledge on the part of artisans, because the son of gold are inlaid on a cover that has been engraved and polished. This engraved lid, coupled with a small mirror in its interior conceals a minimalist gray dial with a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock and a date window at 3 o’clock. It is mounted on a 44 mm Luminor 1950 case, entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316L satin, like the crown protector device above the winding crown.

This watch has a manufacture caliber Panerai, the automatic caliber P.9000, with a 3-day power reserve, a bidirectional oscillating weight and a quick adjustment system of the time, which also comes from automatically change the date. The Luminor 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio Sealand – 44 mm (PAM00850), available exclusively in the Panerai boutiques around the world, is water resistant to 10 bar (100 meters deep). Mounted on a soft brown leather strap, it comes with an interchangeable strap, a screwdriver and a special tool to change the bracelet.

22 Jan

A new boutique for Audemars Piguet in Rome

HOT ATMOSPHERE FOR A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE – Audemars Piguet has recently celebrated the opening of the new boutique in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, elegant and sophisticated heart of the Capital, in partnership with the jewelry Tricks.

The event was held in a location as prestigious as that of the Swiss Embassy in Rome, where more than 200 guests were welcomed by Ambassador Giancarlo Kessler, the CEO, Audemars Piguet Italy Ziviani Franco and John Restivo, CEO of jewelry Tricks.

During the evening were exposed 7 prestigious timepiece whose complications testify to the exceptional craftsmanship and refined craftsmanship of the fashion house Audemars Piguet. As the extraordinary Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph Automatic, masterpiece of micromechanics, incredible fusion of traditional watchmaking expertise and high-tech philosophy. Or the valuable Royal Oak Offshore fake audemars piguet uk Chronograph, decorated by well 283 diamonds and 24 baguette sapphires.
Fine watches as precious were the clothes worn by the models during the evening – gorgeous dresses haute couture designer La Maison Blanche, in perfect harmony with the style and craftsmanship of Audemars Piguet.

The music, the common thread of the evening, had as its protagonists the pianist Simon Peacock, the tenor sax Piero Delle Monache and singer Annalisa Andreoli, coordinated by a high-quality artistic direction.
The piano has recounted a journey through the music of the twentieth century, starting with the Blues, the music from the black heart of melancholy born of slaves in the cotton fields, to continue with the dissonances of the Jazz, through the social revolution of rock’n’roll and committed lyrics of
songwriters, until reaching the Pop and the most dynamic sounds of today.
He took part in the event a unique parterre of guests, which provides the greatest collectors of the capital and known faces of entrepreneurship, politics and entertainment. An evening that has combined craftsmanship, art, entertainment and social life, in style “to break the rules, you must first master them.”

After Milan, Venice and the seasonal boutiques of Porto Cervo, Audemars Piguet will therefore land in the capital and opens in the heart of the city where art, beauty, history and luxury meet.
The store aims to revive the spirit of the house, the oldest manufacture of replica audemars piguet uk quality watches still owned by the founding families, and to tell his unique style and his unique savoir-faire.
A warm thanks to the oak used for the interior, and lit by a spectacular chandelier composed of 3,600 crystal glow. A 70-inch big screen transmits corporate videos showing the watchmakers at work in the creation of great masterpieces. The sale table, made of quartzite Vals as the floor, lit by lamps Tobias Grau Falling Water.
All these elements create a unique experience that brings even more visitors to the world of Le Brassus, the cradle of Haute Horlogerie, birthplace of Audemars Piguet in 1875 and still home of the Manufacture.