The last shows have gone to the moon auctioned in New York

By | 19th December 2015

Just 43 years after his trip to nearly 400 000 kilometers from Earth in the open space, the watch worn by the last astronaut who orbited the Moon is auctioned by Christie’s in New York on 15 December. If almost all Omega watches have traveled in space now belong to museums and the Smithsonian Institution (scientific research institution created under the aegis of the US administration in 1846) or have sadly been stolen, a tiny fraction collectors still unleashes passions.

Spatial legend wrist

To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the mission of the Apollo 17 – the last of the Apollo program of NASA – Christie’s has designed a special sale exclusively composed of 50 chronographs Omega Speedmaster whose model that accompanied the Ron Evans module pilot.


Alongside this legendary piece, another Speedmaster embedded into space aboard the Russian space station Mir and full gold chronograph offered by Omega in Evans after his return from missions. “In the United States, although it was made in Switzerland, called the Speedmaster the quintessence of American shows because it is inseparable from the American space program and its fascinating history,” said Eric Wind, Vice President the watch department of Christie’s, adding: “This sale thematic auction held in New York, not Geneva, because I think there are no more shows that iconic Speedmaster in American history . “

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