Watches & Wonders: Panerai Radiomir dedicates to Galileo

By | 16th January 2016


The most Italian of the Swiss brands honors the famous scientist by unveiling a new version of its iconic Radiomir 1940.

On the occasion of Hong Kong living Watches & Wonders, Officine Panerai revives its origins Florentine by manufacturing a watch as a souvenir of Galileo, the great Tuscan scientist, formulating the law of isochronism of small oscillations of the pendulum, revolutionized the history of timekeeping devices.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Officine Panerai, Galileo Museum in Florence in 2012 has created a section hosting exhibitions that focus on this period and interactive multimedia devices that illustrate the decisive best panerai replica handmade contribution of Galileo to the history of timekeeping devices. Meanwhile, the watchmaker created an exclusive collection of watches “Lo Scienzato” to pay tribute to the important legacy of this physicist, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer.

The latest creation of Officine Panerai collection “Lo Scienzato” is this new Radiomir Tourbillon GMT 1940 Oro Rosso – 48 mm – presented at Watches & Wonders. The sophisticated labor skeleton of his movement P. 2005 / S, a hand-wound caliber with a tourbillon regulator, strikes the eye immediately. Each component has been reduced to its basic structure, which allows to admire the arrangement, finishing and functioning of this movement in every detail, both in the face and across the bottom. But it is undoubtedly the rotation of the tourbillon cage that best replica panerai attracts the most attention. The mechanism created by Officine Panerai is unusual: it performs a complete rotation in 30 seconds, against the usual 60 seconds, and rotates about an axis perpendicular rather than parallel to that of the balance. This special design allows more efficiently compensate for the positional errors caused by the gravity, which ensures a more precise time measurement.
Plates and skeletonized bridges not only reveal the fascinating interlacing cogs and watch components, they will also be admired relaxation springs within three barrels that give the timepiece a six-day power reserve . Reserve the remaining power is indicated on the rear of the movement.

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