Replicas relojes TAG Heuer Formula 1 Orange WAH1116 FT6024

By | 26th September 2016

New for 2016, the Formula 1 “Orange” TAG Heuer is not really a new model, but rather a slightly different take on popular formula of TAG Heuer’s 1 series. The collection of Formula 1 is the TAG Heuer’s “entry level” – a sports watch model, but basic (movement) quartz – and affordable, too. With an estimated retail price of $ 1,200, this is about as low as you can go while still getting a watch that carries an iconic brand such as TAG Heuer. Orange Formula 1 TAG Heuer hit display cases everywhere in June, available in a bracelet rubber strap or stainless steel, both represented.
On another note – there is now very interesting dynamic between quartz and mechanical in the sub- $ 1.500 price points, and this watch is a good example. As I see it, on the $ 1,500 price point consumers can now watch clearly assess the mechanical movements of quartz movements, but below this price point it’s not so clear. There seems to be a fierce battle between the two types of movements in prices sub- $ 1.500 – but I think that quartz is slowly but surely but being devalued at higher price points, leading the watches with mechanical movements. In a few more years, it will be interesting to see the state of the market for quartz movement watches prices over $ 1,000. I, for one, sees the quartz continue to be undervalued by the consumer, and thus being relegated further and further down the value chain. Back where it belongs.

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