Hublot along with Italian Independent for the chronograph Classic Fusion collection

By | 27th March 2017

the partnership that associates Hublot in Italy Independent and Lapo Elkann has produced two collections. If so far every issue was a descendant of the legendary watch Big Bang Unico, today the magic of this extraordinarily creative synergy is poured on the Classic Fusion model. His name seems predestinarlo to this new special series: a clock never had reached an equal level of fusion of classicism and innovation.
“We are very proud to continue this partnership with Italy Independent and Lapo Elkann, whose creativity and personality we are still surprised every day. This new project was an extraordinary experience for us: put the capacity for technological innovation and a willingness to experiment with Hublot to the service of that monument Italian elegance which is Rubinacci and incomparable sense of style Lapo Elkann. The Classic Fusion Italian Independent truly represents the fusion of these three excellences “says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot watches uk.

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“As a creative, I always have the customization and ‘tailor’ the centerpiece of my projects, because for me it represents true luxury. It is in this spirit that I create and design unique items that match my tastes and my needs but also give pleasure and satisfaction to my customers. I appreciate the fact that they become truly mine, they become distinctive objects, and that is what happens with the Classic collection Fusion Italian Independent “adds Lapo Elkann, founder and artistic director of Italian Independent

A mission stitched ‘tailor-made’, it must be said, by Lapo Elkann, often called “the most elegant man in the world” and that made the ‘custom’ and customize their own distinctive signature. Lapo has indeed created the “Tailor Made” program to Ferrari, a concept that has taken up and expanded with Garage Italian Customs (cars, boats, planes, helicopters, posing with an extraordinary level of customization and creative innovation for the entire industry “motion”). It also applies this know-how to the creations that he designed for Hublot and Italian Independent.

The Rubinacci tailoring was not chosen at random. Since 1932, three generations of Rubinacci have succeeded at the helm of this institution of good taste and masculine elegance: Gennaro, founder grandfather, Mariano’s father currently owns the Neapolitan home and, of course, Luca, one of the most photographed men the planet thanks to his unique style, head of the Milan boutique. With their know-how they dressed the likes of the Duke of Kent and the singer Bryan Ferry, of course passing by the Agnelli family, which is the worthy heir Lapo Elkann.

In his archives, Rubinacci house has the finest collection of antique fabrics. It is here, among 60,000 square meters of precious houndstooth, tweed and velvet many, Hublot and Lapo Elkann found a collection of tartan, woolen fabrics in colorful paintings dating back to the ’70s, which was revived in integrating Classic Fusion chronograph version. Dial and strap are then produced using its precious fabrics to offer this range of watches with a diameter of 45 mm an end result of extreme elegance.

“I chose these tissues thinking about the clothes we make to Lapo Elkann, starting with extravagant colors like a multicolored tartan of a sports shades up to a pied de classic poule, very Italian gentleman, that I wanted to black and white in reference to his team heart, Juventus of Turin. I never imagined that you could put the wool on the straps and on the face of a clock. Hublot has done it and the end result is beyond my expectations. We got a balanced clock, with an effect neither too heavy nor too light of “concludes Luca Rubinacci pattern.

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