Rolex launched the Cherry Moon Phase Table and the new sea to make two new items

By | 14th April 2017

Rolex Replica has recently launched several new products, like Rolex you can feast your feet! Rolex in the Basel Watch Fair launched Cherry Moon phase table and the new sea to make two new products, they not only have high quality, the appearance is also the beauty of the heart Oh.

Watches have always been people’s favorite, a trendy fashion watch not only allows users to use, but also make the user’s hand becomes less monotonous, play a decorative role, and even some good quality Watches can also be used as a collection, is indeed a practical and stylish single product it

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Some time ago, the 100th session of the Basel Watch Fair grand opening, at the show has a lot of stars come to watch, from this can be seen that the popularity of this watch is not the general Wang ah! Coincidentally, the Basel Watch Fair is also the anniversary of Rolex, so that Rolex carefully prepared two new ultra-high value and high quality new products, they are the first cheap copy rolex watches Chelyni moon phase table and the new sea So that the charisma of the list is so exciting to let the audience again.
As the saying goes, only innovation can make their own better development, it seems Rolex deeply understand this truth The new sea has a Cheyenne for the first time to add the moon phase module, so watch looks more agile, but yet elegant and solemn. The blue enamel moon disc added to the white paint on the dial, as if the full moon and the new moon are really show in front of you, showing a beautiful picture. Full moon with a real circular meteorite symbol, the new moon is represented by silver ring. This patented moon phase component ensures astronomical precision for 122 years.

The new sea is equipped with the Rolex3235 type movement, the dial on the words did not change, or is the continuation of the previous sea features – classic red words “Sea-Dweller”. The new sea, like its name, has a super tough waterproof performance, boutique grade rolex is equipped with a 1220 meters of water depth. Since the performance of the sea so powerful, then the appearance will not let people disappointed, it has a fine layer of fine platinum film, so that the black dial can be distributed in the dark blue light, it will look very Mysterious and beautiful.

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