Audemars Piguet presents Diamond Outrage, a jewelery watch with more than 10,000 diamonds

By | 24th April 2017

François-Henry Bennahmias has always been considered one of the most outgoing people in the industry, so it was not strange for this journalist to hear from his mouth an enthusiast: “We’re back!” As a response to the question of what Audemars Piguet’s message was for 2015. What could have led the CEO of this exclusive manufacturing to show such euphoria on a cold Geneva morning two years ago? “Well, nothing less than demonstrate again what we are capable of.” The focus was on a revolutionary project that a year later would be marketed under the name of Royal Oak Concept Superstar. But the surprises for replica Audemars Piguet in that Hall of Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in 2015 were not finished here. To the amazement of a large part of the audience in Geneva, the small firm of Le Brassus bet High Jewelery watch of impeccable finish and avant-garde design whose name, Diamond Punk, already was in itself a declaration of intentions. It is known that audemars piguet alarm clock replica has shown great interest in recent years to enhance its presence in the female market. To do this it has reinforced its emblematic lines Royal Oak and Millenary, but the house needed a great blow of effect to confirm that its commitment by the woman was serious and this was born Diamond Punk.

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For Bennahmias, this watch is the example of what should be the High Jewelery in the 21st century: “Without prejudice and with the highest level of finish possible.” To prove it, the Diamond Punk offered a breakthrough image with a surface covered by pyramids. Original, no doubt, but also based on a tradition as settled as the old secret watches, popular at the beginning of the twentieth century and which were identified by having the protected sphere of prying eyes. Diamond Punk was also based on tradition at the time of its creation, with more than 1,440 hours of work between audemars piguet royal oak rose gold designers and craftsmen to give life to a unique piece made in white gold and with 7,848 diamonds in brilliant cut (33.35 carats ) To cover the entire box and bracelet. He found a more affordable version in which the number of diamonds fell to 5,326 (21,66 carats) and was completed with 56 pieces of onyx. Although it was a dazzling clock in all respects, Bennahmias himself confessed at the time of his presentation that it was not easy to convince the craftsmen of the manufacture to elaborate: “Some have come later and he has confessed to me that he was wrong when he said That it was a mistake to make a watch like that. Now they are happy to participate in this project. “

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