Rolex Day-Date fascinating color plate antique table

By | 18th May 2017

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The Rolex Day-Date series has attracted the attention of many people since its birth, and today it is still one of Rolex’s most popular watches. But in this long and not long Nag-Date development history, some elements are retained, and some can only be seen in the rolex replica antique table. Today we talk about the Rolex Day-Date Antique Table.

We all know that Rolex’s second-hand market is very rich, especially those dials that are very interesting Rolex. 70s of last century, some jade dial Rolex was created (such as lapis lazuli, agate, malachite, red agate, etc.). Initially this design services in the Middle East market, but gradually spread to the world. Turks produced in the 1970s Day-Date, rich in color; dark red, green, blue, green or light mint green, known as “Stella dials”.

Interesting is the source of inspiration for the name “Stella dials”. Some people say it comes from the Latin “Stella”, in Latin Stella is star (stars, planets) means, mapping the effect of the dial. Some people think that the name of the inspiration from the artist Frank Stella (Frank Stella). He is an American painter, sculptor and printmaker, and his minimalist abstract style works are well known. He had a significant impact on the use of bright colors on the painting. But Rolex has not published the “Stella dials” name of the source of inspiration, all just guess, but it does not prevent it in the watch collectors are very popular.

We see these “Stella dials” watch transparent dial, you may think it is enamel. But Rolex’s color surface, in fact, is known as low-temperature enamel things, it was called high temperature paint, in fact, it has nothing to do with enamel. Just a special, need high temperature baked paint, until now also applied to most of the movement table, this surface is the characteristics of the disk edge, the window position and the middle of the hole position of the hole has a sense of melting down, the formation of A slow slope, as if the molten liquid with its own gravity down, down, dry after the formation of the same effect, this surface is generally very resistant to corrosion and very moisture-resistant, not easy to change color, to maintain a long time Bright colors.

However, Replica rolex watches uk these years in addition to the black side, but also rarely produced such a color face plate. Even if there are some color dial watch, the use is not the same process, to achieve this is not the effect. But also because of this, this type of watch in the secondary market is very popular.

In May last year, Philip Phillips “Glamorous Day-Date” theme auction (also the industry’s first DD theme auction), just two hours, 60 imitation rolex watches all successfully shot, with a total turnover of 6.2 million Swiss francs, Equivalent to 103,000 Swiss francs / piece. Which grape red platinum “Stella” watch the price of 305,000 Swiss francs, a yellow dial gold diamond “Stella” watch transaction price of 275,000 Swiss francs. Two “Stella” watch are far higher than the average transaction price, showing its charm.

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