Franck Muller: Crazy Hours is back!

By | 19th June 2017

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Anticonformist! This is what would best define the Crazy Hours, this emblematic watch of the Swiss watch brand Franck Muller, returns this year in different colors of dials. Sages of appearance, they are still a little crazy!

The Crazy Hours is probably the most famous watch of Franck Muller forever watches replica. In a little more than a decade, this totally mixed timepiece launched in 2003 has seduced men and women who want to approach the notion of time in their own way. Disorderly. Disjointed. Chaotic. Carefree. A little crazy even …

How? With a complication that allows a totally unlikely time display. A dial which displays figures in the disorder (8, 1, 6, 11, 4, 9, 2, 7, 12, 5, 10 and 3), while preserving, of course, perfect control of time thanks to a mechanism Of jumping time. Thus, the hour hand jumps from one digit to the other, while the minute hand moves in a conventional way. Crazy not?

It was during a vacation in a magnificent hotel in Mauritius that the Crazy Hours saga was born. Punctuated by rules to follow, this holiday was for Franck Muller an awareness that he was against all types of formalities to follow. Starting from the desire to create a watch without a rule, the Crazy Hours was born.

This year, the Crazy Hours (which was best known with these figures of different colors, one of the “trademarks” of Franck Muller) returns in wiser-looking versions. Silver dials, dark blue, burgundy or English green with large Arabic numerals and “leaf” hands covered with aaa fake watch seiko astron Superluminova. Other figures – decorative – appear as by transparency and disorderly on the guilloche dial.

This beautiful jumping hour caliber is integrated in the famous curvex case dear to Franck Muller. Available in pink gold or gray gold. Watch out, this watch is … bewildering!

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