Sea-Dweller by Rolex, fifth version of one of the favorite watches of the rolexadictos

By | 5th July 2017

Attention, Rolexadictos. This 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Sea-Dweller, and the brand celebrates it with a slightly larger piece with Cyclops lens. It’s the fifth version.

replica rolex watches uk fans love myths and the Sea-Dweller is one of them. The first reference with this name appeared in 1967, although its origin must be sought a few years earlier, when the first experiments of saturation diving demonstrate the technical limitations of the watches for dives manufactured to date.

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This is confirmed by the experience of the US Navy and the French company Comex, dedicated to underwater commercial missions. When their divers are in the pressurizing chambers, the watch’s crystals are fired due to

The particles of helium accumulated inside the box and which tend to exit to the outside by the change of pressure. quality replica rolex uk solved this problem by means of an escape valve and incorporated it into a new model called Sea-Dweller, translatable as “inhabitant of the sea”, which was a declaration of intent.

The new model was a little thicker than his brother Submariner. In addition to the helium valve, it exceeds this in a level of tightness. It was a product more aimed at professionals, with much more limited runs. This shortage has motivated that the old Sea-Dweller are among the pieces more coveted by the fans to the models

The Sea-Dweller, with reference 126600, has been presented on the occasion of these 50 years of trajectory, and has come with changes. The most important is the expansion of the box diameter to 43 mm, three more than the previous one. The larger size allows a more balanced design of all elements of the clock and include a novelty that has missed the most purists.

For the first time in its interior, the Sea-Dweller incorporates the magnifying lens Cyclops that improves the vision of the date window. swiss replica rolex in uk does not deceive anyone: they have always said that they would incorporate the improvements that the technology allows, and the Cyclops lens is, just as it is to bet on the most modern 3235 caliber, more precise than the previous 3135 and with an improvement of the reserve Of running of 50% (now it arrives until the 70 hours approx.). The price of the new Sea-Dweller is 10,450 euros.

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