The best Patek Philippe watches arrive in New York in a big exhibition

By | 13th October 2017

replica Patek Philippe

The great traveling exhibition of patek philippe replica uk arrives in New York, reminiscent of Patek Philippe made in the nineteenth century. There you can contemplate the current collection, historical pieces, or the oldest clock in its museum, dated in 1520.

In January 2012 Patek Philippe created the itinerant exhibition The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition in order to make known in different parts of the world the history of the brand and the watchmaking arts that are now used in its production. The first meeting took place in Dubai, followed by Munich (2013) and London (2015). Already institutionalized on a bi-annual basis, this summer can be seen in New York until July 23 and will have as its seat one of the most emblematic venues of the city, the Cipriani 42nd Street.

It is going to be the first time in the history of this establishment that in its interior a structure of two plants is raised to accommodate to the different spaces that compose the collection. It will be about 1,225 m2 that will be divided between a theater area, current collection, historical pieces and applied arts, among other rooms. This itinerant exhibition only perpetuates a tradition that Patek Philippe has maintained for decades of publicizing its creations through public exhibitions.

It must be remembered that the means of transport of a century ago were not the current ones, and that potential customers often did not always have the opportunity to travel to big cities to see the brand watches, much less go to Geneva for know the manufacture. Of course, many of those traveling exhibitions were destined for the United States. Nicholas Foulkes remembers it in the authorized biography of patek philippe 1979 london that published last year. “In the 19th century, many of his award-winning pieces were taken on triumphal tours throughout the country, and arrival in distant cities was welcomed with large spaces in the local press.” For Foulkes, Patek Philippe ads had the same impact as the posters of the latest Paris fashion. They were the symbol of a distant world and, let us remember, the most complicated and technological instruments then made by the hand of man. Forbidden objects that became the first desire for a future and dreamed of wealth.

Nowadays the exhibitions have lost the exclusivity of presenting the most special pieces, largely thanks to the media and social networks. The idea of ​​The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition, with 450 pieces exposed, goes further: now it is to move the Geneva manufacturing to the interior of Cipriani so that visitors can not only discover the most extraordinary watches of replica Patek Philippe watches, but see in how they are made. An experience that makes special sense in the so-called applied arts (métiers d’art in original French) and of which the manufacture is one of its main valedoras of the watch industry.

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