5 facts about Patek Philippe

By | 22nd November 2017

For more than 175 years, there is the last independent family owned Geneva factory. Already the eponymous founders Antoine Norbert de Patek (1839) and Jean-Adrien Philippe (1845) set from the outset on a particularly demanding clientele. The watches are considered by many connoisseurs to be the best in the world. More than 100 granted patents prove the extraordinary ability as well as the innovative power. patek philippe replica uk has been owned by the Stern family since 1932 and is now managed by a directorate of Honorary President Philippe Stern, President Thierry Stern and General Director Claude Peny. In the years of his presidency, Philippe Stern coined the history of the manufactory with major construction projects to strengthen the industrial infrastructure and the launch of exceptional timepieces such as the Caliber 89.

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A far-sighted step was the creation of the patek philippe 175 replica Museum. It not only houses extraordinary timepieces of the entire watch history, but also the construction of the collection has had an invigorating effect on the auction market. Thus, the clocks of the manufactory are also in high favor with buyers who have the value retention of their investment in view. The headquarters of Patek Philippe SA is today the Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates with research and development department, the creation and the studios for the production of the watch components. Here, all activities are mastered in the modern production facilities – from the design to the delivery of the watches, from customer service to restoration.

Patek Philippe owns the equipment studios in Perly (Geneva), the Replica Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva and its own sales salons in Geneva, London and Paris. The company owns eight partner companies outside the canton of Geneva: Calame (case manufacturing), Poli-Art (polishing), SHG (gemstone barrel) and Patek Philippe SA La Chaux-de-Fonds at La Chaux-de-Fonds; Cadran’s Flickiger (dials) in Saint-Imier; Allaine (encasing clockworks) in Alle; and Betakron (completion, refining, steel parts) in the Jura and Patek Philippe La Vallée SA (watchmaking, haute horlogerie and rhabillage) in Le Brassus.

Fact # 1 about Patek Philippe: numbers

Patek Philippe in figures: around 2,400 employees worldwide, including 2,050 in Switzerland, 1,600 of them in Geneva. About 200 qualified watchmakers. 440 outlets in 67 countries. 16 basic calibers, 14 of them for watches and two for pocket watches. More than 48 movement references and 10,000 different components. Around 16 million components make up one year of production using over 400 machines and high-precision manufacturing equipment. The annual production is about 58,000 watches, of which 50,000 are mechanical and 8,000 quartz watches for women.

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