Popular water ghost series, especially the green ghosts, Rolex’s “Golden Yacht”

By | 3rd January 2018

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Rolex gives the usual feeling is that rugged, practical very strong watch brand. Speaking of replica Rolex people may first think of the symbol of the upstart, Daikinuo. Many people think that Rolex is not suitable for young people to wear, in fact, this is not the case. In recent years, an unusually hot water ghost series, especially the green ghosts, is full of young sports atmosphere. Today we do not say green ghosts, we talk about Rolex’s “golden boat.”

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Launched at the 2015 Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, this watch, though also called a yacht, is not very similar to the older yachts of the past. This watch is mainly composed of black and gold two colors. 18ct rose gold case, with two-way matte black ceramic bezel can be described as very eye-catching. It is noteworthy that this watch with a black tape, which is the first time Rolex watch strap with plastic strap. This combination of fashion and sports watches once introduced to attract a large number of lovers.

The domestic watch produced by the n factory V7 highest version, 40mm dial, the size of the size can be said just in line with most Chinese people’s wrist. Previous versions of the yacht used a stainless steel case, platinum bezel, and this gold yacht uses a red gold material, known as the eternal rose gold. Black, ye first look gives a cool feeling, and then with the rose gold, but also a bit more noble and elegant atmosphere.

The same black matte watch tray and rose gold wrapped luminous hour markers and hands in sharp contrast. Very good display of three-dimensional sense of hierarchy. The 3 o’clock position is the calendar display, rolex replica forsale patented drop calendar window, as well as the classic Mercedes-Benz needle, I believe no one will feel the visual aesthetic fatigue. After the overall matte ceramic bezel, two-way rotation, color and dial the same color. Ring marks on the minutes of polishing, as if floating above the same ring.

Oysterflex strap is a Replica Rolex UK patent, the appearance and do not see what it looks special, we have said earlier that the strap is worth mentioning that it is made of black rubber coated titanium nickel alloy sheet and At the same time, the inside of the strap is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushioning system, which makes the watch not easy to slide and easily fixed on the wrist.

With black and gold is definitely a bright spot, compared to the yacht this small gold watch is even more outstanding, the atmosphere. The youthful and sporty atmosphere is even more addictive.

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