US basketball star spending huge sums to send 280,000 Rolex per teammate as a gift

By | 3rd January 2018

The gifts sent by ordinary colleagues during the holidays are not worth the small gifts, but a star in the United States was inventive and created a “value for money” Christmas gift for her colleagues. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on December 24, at Christmas approaching, the United States Men’s Basketball League (NBA) Washington Wizards star player John Wall sent value to 15 teammates Rolex watch expensive Christmas gifts, this lavish shot enviable endless.

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Wolves players collectively eat breakfast, Wal-Mart gave no sign to give his teammates Christmas gift – the value of 40,000 US dollars (about 280,000 yuan) limited edition Rolex watches, 15 watches totaling 600,000 US dollars (About 4.8 million yuan). When his teammates opened the gift box, everyone was surprised. Each was amazed, and from time to time gave a surprise lament, while John snapped the reaction of his teammates when they opened the gift.

Joshua Thanos, Rolex’s client advisor, said in an interview on the 24th that John chose the appropriate watch style for each of his teammates for each individual’s liking. He also engraved the name of his teammate behind each watch. As early as a month ago, John began preparing Christmas gifts for his teammates. Sanos added: “A player who has played for the Wizards for 10 years said he has never received such a luxury gift. Some veteran players may own replica Rolex watches, but for those young players who come in, this only Rolex watches are more expensive than the cars they drive. “Sanos said John’s gift of no such magnitude means nothing more than a simple expression of his friendship with his team-mate.

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