Why men do not buy a Patek Philippe to buy Rolex?

By | 23rd February 2018

On the preservation, Rolex is indeed the first. Replica Patek Philippe is also very strong, strong Rolex, you go to any watch forum can see that the so-called “labor” forever. why would you say so? Rolex’s highest quality assurance, saying that it is a model of modern industrialization can not be overestimated, Rolex several watch factory, can be said to be completely not lost in the modern automotive industry, a set of sophisticated and complete industrial processes. Generally speaking, the watch still depends on the accuracy of the ordinary brands such as Mido, Tissot, Longines, etc., + -10 seconds every day even if normal and good.

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Rolex movement quality, so that his watch every day in +4 seconds or so, of course, you can not care about these gaps, but these gaps are not the world record of Liu Xiang and the gap between the domestic Universiade what second-rate players. At the same time Rolex or technology pioneer, he and the Swiss Watch Association and several major brands have cooperation, it will always have the watch the most advanced and most stable material applications.

In the international market, an ordinary Replica Rolex watches priced from 1000 US dollars to 15,000 US dollars, although expensive, but people still think that value for money, not only because of the excellent quality of Rolex, but also because it has a unique investment value. Rolex second-hand watch market is quite hot at home, Rolex’s precision and high durability, attracting countless users, often in the watch circle, Rolex fans often use one sentence to describe Rolex: a “labor” forever .

Patek Philippe is the “god-like” king, it is topless, its beauty and hedging, the whole family is a spiritual pursuit and uncompromising, because it is the pursuit of “perfect”, just like the luxury circle Hermes, the same responsibility to perfection, Patek Philippe tens of thousands of watches each year the yield is not small, but it can be super-stable, unhurried development of their own. With extraordinary professional skills, adhering to the tradition of high quality innovation, Patek Philippe now has more than 80 patents. Patek Philippe is “watch the blue blood aristocracy.”

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Patek Philippe is a Swiss famous watch brand that began in 1839, the world’s top ten watches. Is one of the only truly independent watchmakers in Switzerland, producing everything from first to last, and training a Patek Philippe watchmaker takes 10 years. The symbol of watch lovers and aristocrats is to have a Patek Philippe watch. The noble artistic realm and expensive production materials have shaped the enduring brand effect of Patek Philippe.

In general, Rolex than PP should be hedging, Cheap rolex hedging, mainly in the market awareness and price positioning (liquidity), market awareness, Copy Rolex is almost the same as pp, and even to some extent Rolex ratio pp But also high. Price positioning, then, you Patek Philippe Niubi, the basic models have to 6-digit, not everyone can afford, so the liquidity is small. The Rolex, though expensive, but to the current standard of living, most of the family provinces can afford, so good liquidity.

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