Breitling instead of Berlinale: Exclusive watch party in Munich

By | 15th March 2018

So tick the VIP men: Beautiful watches beat their hearts higher. And that’s why prominent men such as the actors Heino Ferch, Ken Duken, Kai Wiesinger and Clemens Schick came to Munich on Tuesday evening. And let the Berlinale be Berlinale for an evening. They embarked on an exciting journey through time in the world of timepieces and the legendary watch brand at the elegant ‘Breitling Cocktail’ in Munich.

Heino Ferch and Kai Wiesinger could not resist the new breitling emergency replica Navitimer 8. Photo credit: Hannes Magerstaedt, GettyImages
George Kern, the new CEO of Breitling since summer, had invited around 150 guests to the Munich Freiheizhalle under the motto “A Legendary Future with Georges Kern”. In the trendy event location, the guests were not only able to immerse themselves in the history of the company (around 60 vintage models were shown), but also the new “Navitimer 8″ collection, which will be presented this evening

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For example, on the wrist of Heino Ferch, who was late with a noble timepiece. However, it was not at the clock: “I come directly from the Berlinale and because of the snowfall, everything took a little longer.” As one of the few men, he had brought his wife, the show jumper Marie-Jeanette Ferch, “so beautiful evenings like This one enjoys the best with the better half, “he said with a smile. “Chic” – so his comment about the new Navitimer. How many watches does he own? “A few,” he said only. “For us men, there is not so much choice in jewelry – apart from the wedding ring. The good old clock tradition is something wonderful. ”

Kai Wiesinger came out of Berlin for the evening: “My first nice watch was from Breitling. I was in my mid-twenties. Since then I have a great affinity for this brand. She has an exciting story. It’s great that Georges Kern is now taking the next step and leading her into the future. “Hand on heart: How does he keep up with punctuality? “I am very disciplined breitling navitimer replica and always punctual.”

He also wore the “Navitimer 8″. A collection in honor of Willy breitling replica watches uk and the Huit Aviation Department, which he founded in 1938. Her name refers to ‘huit’, the French word for ‘eight’. Willy Breitling chose the term in reference to the power reserve of eight days, which was then considered indispensable for aircraft clocks, but for watches was not necessarily standard.

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