Customers overrun dealers for Rolex watches

By | 15th March 2018

The luxury watches of the Swiss manufacturer cheap rolex oyster watches are booming. Last year, the demand was so great that for many customers there was no Rolex under the Christmas tree. “At many retailers in Switzerland, certain Rolex watches sold out before Christmas,” says René Weber, watch analyst at Bank Vontobel

That was the case with the sport steel watches. Due to bottlenecks, many customers had to be put on a waiting list, according to dealers. This is not unusual for certain models. “Also affected were models that are otherwise easily available this year,” the newspaper quotes the Zurich watch dealer René Beyer.

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Record price for watch by Paul Newman

According to the report, demand was also strong abroad. How many watches buy classic watches copy rolex has sold exactly is unknown. The company does not disclose any numbers. One thing is clear: the brand is solid even in times of crisis. While the Swiss watch industry has been shaken by miserable export figures in the past two years, Rolex is likely to have implemented CHF 4.7 billion, as Vontobel analyst René Weber estimates in the SonntagsZeitung. Last year, the brand has grown. The industry as a whole has been rising again for seven months.

Insiders see the recipe for success of fake rolex cheap, among other things, that the brand, unlike other manufacturers do not entice with discounts and profit from the image of a timeless brand, writes the “SonntagsZeitung”. How high Rolex is in the course showed in October the auction of the Rolex Daytona, which belonged to the US actor Paul Newman. She went to a bidder for a record of nearly $ 18 million.

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