Hotly anticipated: Rolex reissues the “GMT-Master II”

By | 3rd May 2018

Long awaited and finally back: Rolex returns with the “GMT-Master II” a classic back. Mainly suspected of waiting list is the model with the nickname “Pepsi”.

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It’s a question that pops up before every Baselworld: What will Rolex show? Shortly before the world’s largest watch fair, s in the relevant forums and watch circles goes around accordingly. That was not different this year. The Megamarke fans who believed in a new edition of the “GMT-Master II” were right. Rolex showed just three versions of this cultically revered watch model, with one variant receiving particular approval: the “Pepsi”. So the “GMT Master II”, whose bezel in the red-blue color reminds of the can of the caffeinated soft drink. In 2014, she had already returned to their roots dating back to 1955.

In order to get the number plate made of red and blue ceramics so that it meets the quality standards of the brand, a shaken measure of research was necessary. Because especially the color red has it all, their pigments are considered in this context as a little unruly, that is unstable. But Rolex would not be Rolex if you did not get that problem under control. For the in-house procedure (details are not known) several patents have already been filed.

The new GMT measures 40 millimeters and is waterproof to ten bars. Inside, the 3285 manufactory caliber features “Paraflex” anti-shock system, a blue “Parachrom” spiral and “Chronergy” inhibition. Before shelling, each piece must be returned to the COSC. The Geneva will then check the finished watch thoroughly. On top of that, the guarantee for the “chronometer of superlatives” extends over five years. The fact that the new “Pepsi” is available in stainless steel will please those who are thinking of putting one on their wrist. It will be available for 8400 Euro. In bicolor with “Everose” gold it costs 12,800 euros and completely in “Everose” gold 33,400 euros. Cheaper way to get away with the “Pepsi” version of the Rolex sister Tudor. Their GMT from the “Black Bay” line (41 millimeters, manufactory work) with red-blue bezel costs 3620 euros on the stainless steel bracelet.

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