Watch brands between upswing and uncertainty

By | 3rd May 2018

Baselworld remains true to itself: at the traditional trade fair and show the watch brands their most beautiful novelties. Nevertheless, the uncertainty of digital transformation is felt everywhere

In its 101st year, Baselworld, the “world’s most important trade fair for Replica Chopard watches, jewelery and gemstones”, offered a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Fitting for an industry that, depending on who you ask, is well on track in the process of digital and demographic transformation, or resting too much on its glorious past and oversleeping the future or quietly praising “watches as usual”. However, and the number of exhibitors left no doubt, in a significantly reduced form. Specifically, with a portfolio of 650 instead of 2017 about 1300 watch brands in the exhibition halls.

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For weeks, the consequences of this quasi-halving were hotly discussed worldwide. All the more surprising that Baselworld boss Sylvie Ritter spoke only of a necessary concentration at the opening and that the remaining brands represented the top of their guild. She promised further efforts regarding new formats and presentation options for exhibitors. What exactly? We will see. Questions from the assembled trade press? Goods were not allowed. At the end of the day, a small marching Replica watches band was drumming that was supposed to drown out the last skepticism with dramatic volleys. Hardly anyone in the room who did not look up at his neighbor with his eyebrows raised.

Watch industry on the upswing
In the process, Ritter and her team undoubtedly had much sympathy for plain text, missed omissions and courageous initiatives for the upcoming edition of the fair. Especially by change-experienced media makers. The tight “Everything on schedule” – a lesson of failed crisis PR. Where the exhibition boss is certainly right, the human urge to meet in person, Replica Chopard watches to exchange ideas, to make new contacts, to touch watches, negotiate deals and celebrate. However, the form in which these rituals will take place in the future is determined by market trends, brand names and marketing strategies.

After all, the Swiss watch industry presented pleasing figures: The impressive export growth in January and February of 12.8 percent over the previous year gives the industry courage. However, the results for March 2018 would turn out to be significantly “cloudier”, experts confessed at the fair. After all, the dent of the financial years 2015 and 2016 is almost computationally compensated.

There were no long faces or even panic attacks during Baselworld, which was shortened to seven days. Nearly every watch brand represented in Basel had something to celebrate – a company anniversary, a model birthday, a new work, an exciting partnership or simply “just” good business ,

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