28 Mar

OMEGA Globemaster ARRIVES, THE CLOCK Eddie Redmayne


Leonardo DiCaprio will also have blown him his second Oscar for Best Actor (for The Danish Girl), but it certainly does not let Eddie Redmayne oust from the empyrean of the most elegant men in the world. Classic look, tailored suits, custom-made shoes and of course a splendid mechanical watch on your wrist: Style has met him in Los Angeles at the launch of the Globemaster “Annual Calendar” of replica omega, of which the British actor is perfect brand ambassador. “The history of this house has always fascinated very much,” he tells me, “from its birth when, in 1917, the British air force began indossarne clocks in flight, up to the landing on the moon. Omega has a history so rich, is an outstanding brand in which to be associated. ”

“Eddie has chosen us, not the other way” confirms smiling CEO Stephen Urquhart, and gets to tell the news of the Globemaster and certification Master Chronometer, attested by a numbered card that allows you to visualize how the timepiece (not any one sample, but just what you purchased) topped the eight intensive tests Swiss Federal Institute of metrology established, including those that ensure the operation when exposed to strong magnetic fields (up to 15,000 gauss). This certification guarantees that the constant use of smartphones, tablets and all the devices that surround us replica omega 007 watches uk on a daily basis does not affect the clock accuracy.

But technology is not everything. “The Globemaster design is stunningly beautiful,” explains Redmayne. “He has a classic appeal, since it is inspired by a watch that Omega produced in the sixties, but also very modern. It is an object that I can wear with everything. Maybe that’s why I love him. ” Especially striking is the iconic dial “Pie Pan”, made famous by the Constellation of 1952 models and surrounded by a bezel with rounded edges. The central hands for hours, minutes and seconds, as well as the indices, are coated with Super-LumiNova. “I do not like watches too showy and ostentatious, but none the less I want to feel the weight and the story of what I have on the wrist. It makes me feel stronger. ” Word of Eddie Redmayne.

25 Dec

Cindy Crawford celebrates 20 years at Omega


The supermodel Cindy Crawford Omega unveils new campaign for their 20th year of collaboration

Cindy Crawford is part of the Omega family since 1995. The flagship model of the 1990s is the oldest brand ambassador of Swiss watches. Initially, she was chosen to style and participation in fashion. But over the years, the international brand and top were reports that they share the same values: a commitment to beauty, quality and trust.
In addition, Cindy Crawford invests 100% in all its projects. Therefore it is true to Omega. It not only participates in advertising campaigns for the brand, but it has a say in the development and communication products.
To celebrate their 20 years of collaboration, the top says: “It’s been an incredible journey over the last 20 years were unforgettable When I started to work with Omega in 1995, the brand already had a great reputation they were!. on the market since the mid-19th century and have been recognized over time in many fields including sports. Not forgetting of course, their association with NASA during their first trip to the moon. I was lucky to be able to give my opinion in the design of models. I am proud that today OMEGA is recognized for its technological innovations, “said the icon and supermodel.
In this anniversary year, Cindy Crawford is simple. No frills, it perfectly highlights the product. A perfect ambassador.
What do you think ?

19 Dec

The last shows have gone to the moon auctioned in New York

Just 43 years after his trip to nearly 400 000 kilometers from Earth in the open space, the watch worn by the last astronaut who orbited the Moon is auctioned by Christie’s in New York on 15 December. If almost all Omega watches have traveled in space now belong to museums and the Smithsonian Institution (scientific research institution created under the aegis of the US administration in 1846) or have sadly been stolen, a tiny fraction collectors still unleashes passions.

Spatial legend wrist

To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the mission of the Apollo 17 – the last of the Apollo program of NASA – Christie’s has designed a special sale exclusively composed of 50 chronographs Omega Speedmaster whose model that accompanied the Ron Evans module pilot.


Alongside this legendary piece, another Speedmaster embedded into space aboard the Russian space station Mir and full gold chronograph offered by Omega in Evans after his return from missions. “In the United States, although it was made in Switzerland, called the Speedmaster the quintessence of American shows because it is inseparable from the American space program and its fascinating history,” said Eric Wind, Vice President the watch department of Christie’s, adding: “This sale thematic auction held in New York, not Geneva, because I think there are no more shows that iconic Speedmaster in American history . “

16 Dec

How to trace omega watches

The story of Paul artist of Vibo Valentia and how he managed to track down omega watches


Here Paul is his problem

track using omega watches is a mission that requires a certain commitment. Now, Paul, as an artist of Vibo Valentia has always been committed to the maximum in its missions, sometimes in private life has left doubts among the people, for example the fact that lives alone, has no wife, children, bah … One night Paul , turning on the TV, it happens on a service of watches and a few statements led him to develop an interesting idea.
How will Paul and artist of the town of Vibo Valentia, now that finally reminds of his office to track omega no later than tomorrow? He must be able to trace watches omega-time, or he will be pain!
The artist of Vibo Valentia is now clear that the problem must be solved: you will have to attend to inquire to track omega watches, relying only on his strength. The decision of Paul is to arrive at a resolution, helmets the world.
Like Paul solved the problem

So our artist began his research online where you have a sea of ​​pages: unclear, or even require a great deal of time. When it seems to have lost hope, Paul found an article on Google using keywords and how it affects a site called www.orologi-oggi.it, optimal solution to his problem.
Thanks to the site with watches topic, finally the artist Paul was unpack her big question relating to omega. This was made possible in particular looking to the right at the top where omega he talks a lot and thoroughly, bravo Paul!
Sometimes things are not as they seem. An example is what happens to Paul, who initially did not hold much hope in the site and included a shared future in the present, that is, as an artist in the service of Vibo Valentia. It so happened, however, that between a web page and the other Paul understood a text detector, that never would have expected to read.