20 Mar

Omega watches presented at Basel

Omega watches presented at Baselworld 2017 will please all fans and the classics of the brand collectors. On the occasion of the exhibition center dedicated to the world of watchmaking and jewelery offers the new replica omega Speedmaster which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary in the versions 38 mm and Master Automatic Chronometer, not to be missed creations: give them a look in detail.


that all collections are waiting every year, it opens its doors on March 23 and will continue until 30, a festival that welcomes as always the most prestigious international brands in the field of Haute Joaillerie and the perfect platform for presenting new creations destined to conquer the market. The fair is often an opportunity to celebrate important anniversaries, such as the half-century of the Sea Dweller, Rolex watches one of the most anticipated in 2017 at Baselworld. But Omega also has an important anniversary to celebrate: 60 years of the famous replica omega Speedmaster. Cappuccino-colored model pictured above is just one of many that make up the series Omega Speedmaster and that will be revealed in Basel, designed templates for both him and her. The case of the new cappuccino color Speedmaster is a combination of steel and 18K gold Sedna, a creation from the more purely feminine style with a bezel decorated with diamonds and brown aluminum crown. Caliber 3300 for this model, with Co-Axial technology and silicon balance spring.

30 Nov

Swiss Replica Watch Rolex Datejust Special Edition

This year’s edition Oyster Replica Watch Rolex Datejust Special perpetual is more sensual and dazzling than ever. A bold incarnation of a classic feminine, its 34mm 18-carat Everose gold, bracelet and bezel exerts an intoxicating power, and sparkles bezel with 12 brilliant, elegant carving diamonds displayed in 18-carat white gold trim. The effect is luminous, exquisite and charming. The mother-of-pearl dial is embellished with pink gold powder, applying a thin coating through a patented process of PVD that retains the mother-of-pearl natural structure while impregnating with a metallic sheen.

The new Special Edition Datejust stands out for its sensual lines, feminine shape and new invisible closure. In addition, it has a typical accuracy of Rolex and reliability, being as always superbly water resistant and with a certified mechanical automatic movement COSC.

Swiss made replica ROLEX datejust watches 316


23 Nov

Replica watches Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200M

The see seekers are already familiar with making Omega brand watches and every time this brand releases a new creation they wait to see only the best. With a reputation for creating beautiful and very innovative watches, Omega has once again succeeded in impressing its fans with the launch of this new watch Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1,200 M diving. This watch not only focuses on the idea of ​​design, but also on the idea of ​​functionality.

Specially created for diving, this new Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M breaks with tradition and revolutionizes traditional manufacturing methods. It is a very solid watch with an impressive resistance and represents proof of the innovative nature of the Omega brand. Demonstrating to be functional even in the depths of the oceans this watch shows that the human mind is unstoppable when it comes to creativity and manufacturing ability and that there are no boundaries when driven by passion. Born from a passion for quality, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M is the perfect example of the world’s best ever making watch.
The original Seamaster Plopprof Diving watch was introduced in the 1970s but since then Omega has come a long way. For the continuous improvement of its techniques, Omega is today recognized as the best watch of the brand for having created one of the best watches of sea diving always, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1,200 M.

Being equipped with a very remarkable features of this watch is one of the most coveted dive watches in the world. The watch features an exceptional 1200 water resistance and is endowed with the infamous Omega 8500 Co-Axial Escape, a high-tech with unique design and precision.

Using a sturdy polished stainless steel case, this Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M shows an original and stylish look. The bezel is covered with black PVD and can only be activated via the push button located at the two position. Another element of interest for diving watch enthusiasts is the helium exhaust valve placed at the 4 o’clock position. The unique look of this remarkable piece is given by the bracelet, which adds a touch of originality to the entire design . The watch is equipped with a screwed crown located at the 9 o’clock position preventing possible improper handling. The Co-Axial movement offers the keeper the ability to adjust the time of different time zones.

The black dial gives a note of elegance to a watch designed for sports activities and has been inscribed in it the name and logo of the Omega brand. In addition, the hours, minutes and seconds and polishing rates are SuperLuminova coated.

This Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200 M is available in 2 versions, one of them uses a mesh brushing “shark-proof” bracelet, while the other is designed with a rubber strap of two different colors (black or orange). The Omega double extension system allows for 18 adjustment positions and has a 26mm extension that allows its holder to wear the watch on the diving suit.

17 Oct

Replica Watch Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Caliber 9300-9301

While most appreciate the new Ocean Liquidmetal Titanium Seamaster Planet the Omega replica watches replica revealed at Baselworld 2011, the new Speedmaster Chronograph Omega’s coaxial is also worth a look. If you’re wondering what’s so special about this particular Speedmaster, I’ll tell you: it is the first fast to have an internal gauge with coaxial leak, the new Omega caliber 9300 (or 9301 caliber) of Omega. Lest you forget this important development, Omega has included a notation “Co-Axial Chronometer” on the dial at 6 o’clock, I think is a nice touch. The price coaxial Omega Speedmaster chronograph is approximately $ 7,800. Deep pockets might prefer, priced around $ 35,000, boxed model platinum or 18K red gold version somewhere between these price points.


steel case 44.25mm caliber caliber 9300 / Omega Omega 9301 water resistance, 100m, in black leather strap or stainless steel bracelet, note the arrangement somewhat modified – just two subdials dial instead of classic layout of 3-6-9 o’clock. The right-side subdial has two hands on it (the minutes and hours of the chronograph).…………

11 Oct

Replica Watch Omega DeVille ladies Ladymatic

For next year, the Swiss watchmaker Ladymatic reintroduces line charismatic ladies watches from the 50s Get ready to love Ladymatic Omega DeVille!

This new model looks like a giant step forward for the line of “classic” ladies watches Omega’s.

Designed as a member of its most elegant collection DeVille, the clock seems much more refined and elegant than the original Ladymatics.
Like the other family members DeVille driven by automatic movements, the clock features a pair of hands Alfa-formed but also adds a beautiful ornament of “SuperNova” their dial, asking for probably borrowed from the collection of the constellation.

As you can see in the pictures, there are only eleven diamonds on the watch’s dial: which is in 3 o’clock is replaced by a date window of “diamond-polished”. The idea is great, but its implementation is mediocre, at least. The date window mercilessly destroys the symmetry of the dial and makes it clear that someone in Omega decided to cut costs of the final product and to use a feeler time-tested that was designed to operate watches up to 30 millimeters in diameter.

The problem is that the Ladymatic is offered in a 34 mm case with a proportionally larger and longer dial hands, while the diameter of the ring of the date the Omega coaxial caliber 8520/8521 remains the same. Therefore ugly window placement date.
They could have solved the problem by making the window date display less visible and putting and putting the twelfth diamond where it belonged from the beginning, but … for some reason he did not.

26 Sep

Replicas relojes TAG Heuer Formula 1 Orange WAH1116 FT6024

New for 2016, the Formula 1 “Orange” TAG Heuer is not really a new model, but rather a slightly different take on popular formula of TAG Heuer’s 1 series. The collection of Formula 1 is the TAG Heuer’s “entry level” – a sports watch model, but basic (movement) quartz – and affordable, too. With an estimated retail price of $ 1,200, this is about as low as you can go while still getting a watch that carries an iconic brand such as TAG Heuer. Orange Formula 1 TAG Heuer hit display cases everywhere in June, available in a bracelet rubber strap or stainless steel, both represented.
On another note – there is now very interesting dynamic between quartz and mechanical in the sub- $ 1.500 price points, and this watch is a good example. As I see it, on the $ 1,500 price point consumers can now watch clearly assess the mechanical movements of quartz movements, but below this price point it’s not so clear. There seems to be a fierce battle between the two types of movements in prices sub- $ 1.500 – but I think that quartz is slowly but surely but being devalued at higher price points, leading the watches with mechanical movements. In a few more years, it will be interesting to see the state of the market for quartz movement watches prices over $ 1,000. I, for one, sees the quartz continue to be undervalued by the consumer, and thus being relegated further and further down the value chain. Back where it belongs.

28 Mar

OMEGA Globemaster ARRIVES, THE CLOCK Eddie Redmayne


Leonardo DiCaprio will also have blown him his second Oscar for Best Actor (for The Danish Girl), but it certainly does not let Eddie Redmayne oust from the empyrean of the most elegant men in the world. Classic look, tailored suits, custom-made shoes and of course a splendid mechanical watch on your wrist: Style has met him in Los Angeles at the launch of the Globemaster “Annual Calendar” of replica omega, of which the British actor is perfect brand ambassador. “The history of this house has always fascinated very much,” he tells me, “from its birth when, in 1917, the British air force began indossarne clocks in flight, up to the landing on the moon. Omega has a history so rich, is an outstanding brand in which to be associated. ”

“Eddie has chosen us, not the other way” confirms smiling CEO Stephen Urquhart, and gets to tell the news of the Globemaster and certification Master Chronometer, attested by a numbered card that allows you to visualize how the timepiece (not any one sample, but just what you purchased) topped the eight intensive tests Swiss Federal Institute of metrology established, including those that ensure the operation when exposed to strong magnetic fields (up to 15,000 gauss). This certification guarantees that the constant use of smartphones, tablets and all the devices that surround us replica omega 007 watches uk on a daily basis does not affect the clock accuracy.

But technology is not everything. “The Globemaster design is stunningly beautiful,” explains Redmayne. “He has a classic appeal, since it is inspired by a watch that Omega produced in the sixties, but also very modern. It is an object that I can wear with everything. Maybe that’s why I love him. ” Especially striking is the iconic dial “Pie Pan”, made famous by the Constellation of 1952 models and surrounded by a bezel with rounded edges. The central hands for hours, minutes and seconds, as well as the indices, are coated with Super-LumiNova. “I do not like watches too showy and ostentatious, but none the less I want to feel the weight and the story of what I have on the wrist. It makes me feel stronger. ” Word of Eddie Redmayne.

25 Dec

Cindy Crawford celebrates 20 years at Omega


The supermodel Cindy Crawford Omega unveils new campaign for their 20th year of collaboration

Cindy Crawford is part of the Omega family since 1995. The flagship model of the 1990s is the oldest brand ambassador of Swiss watches. Initially, she was chosen to style and participation in fashion. But over the years, the international brand and top were reports that they share the same values: a commitment to beauty, quality and trust.
In addition, Cindy Crawford invests 100% in all its projects. Therefore it is true to Omega. It not only participates in advertising campaigns for the brand, but it has a say in the development and communication products.
To celebrate their 20 years of collaboration, the top says: “It’s been an incredible journey over the last 20 years were unforgettable When I started to work with Omega in 1995, the brand already had a great reputation they were!. on the market since the mid-19th century and have been recognized over time in many fields including sports. Not forgetting of course, their association with NASA during their first trip to the moon. I was lucky to be able to give my opinion in the design of models. I am proud that today OMEGA is recognized for its technological innovations, “said the icon and supermodel.
In this anniversary year, Cindy Crawford is simple. No frills, it perfectly highlights the product. A perfect ambassador.
What do you think ?

19 Dec

The last shows have gone to the moon auctioned in New York

Just 43 years after his trip to nearly 400 000 kilometers from Earth in the open space, the watch worn by the last astronaut who orbited the Moon is auctioned by Christie’s in New York on 15 December. If almost all Omega watches have traveled in space now belong to museums and the Smithsonian Institution (scientific research institution created under the aegis of the US administration in 1846) or have sadly been stolen, a tiny fraction collectors still unleashes passions.

Spatial legend wrist

To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the mission of the Apollo 17 – the last of the Apollo program of NASA – Christie’s has designed a special sale exclusively composed of 50 chronographs Omega Speedmaster whose model that accompanied the Ron Evans module pilot.


Alongside this legendary piece, another Speedmaster embedded into space aboard the Russian space station Mir and full gold chronograph offered by Omega in Evans after his return from missions. “In the United States, although it was made in Switzerland, called the Speedmaster the quintessence of American shows because it is inseparable from the American space program and its fascinating history,” said Eric Wind, Vice President the watch department of Christie’s, adding: “This sale thematic auction held in New York, not Geneva, because I think there are no more shows that iconic Speedmaster in American history . “

16 Dec

How to trace omega watches

The story of Paul artist of Vibo Valentia and how he managed to track down omega watches


Here Paul is his problem

track using omega watches is a mission that requires a certain commitment. Now, Paul, as an artist of Vibo Valentia has always been committed to the maximum in its missions, sometimes in private life has left doubts among the people, for example the fact that lives alone, has no wife, children, bah … One night Paul , turning on the TV, it happens on a service of watches and a few statements led him to develop an interesting idea.
How will Paul and artist of the town of Vibo Valentia, now that finally reminds of his office to track omega no later than tomorrow? He must be able to trace watches omega-time, or he will be pain!
The artist of Vibo Valentia is now clear that the problem must be solved: you will have to attend to inquire to track omega watches, relying only on his strength. The decision of Paul is to arrive at a resolution, helmets the world.
Like Paul solved the problem

So our artist began his research online where you have a sea of ​​pages: unclear, or even require a great deal of time. When it seems to have lost hope, Paul found an article on Google using keywords and how it affects a site called www.orologi-oggi.it, optimal solution to his problem.
Thanks to the site with watches topic, finally the artist Paul was unpack her big question relating to omega. This was made possible in particular looking to the right at the top where omega he talks a lot and thoroughly, bravo Paul!
Sometimes things are not as they seem. An example is what happens to Paul, who initially did not hold much hope in the site and included a shared future in the present, that is, as an artist in the service of Vibo Valentia. It so happened, however, that between a web page and the other Paul understood a text detector, that never would have expected to read.