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Customers overrun dealers for Rolex watches

The luxury watches of the Swiss manufacturer cheap rolex oyster watches are booming. Last year, the demand was so great that for many customers there was no Rolex under the Christmas tree. “At many retailers in Switzerland, certain Rolex watches sold out before Christmas,” says René Weber, watch analyst at Bank Vontobel That was the… Read More »

The good gray business with Rolex and Omega

The last battered luxury watch industry is recovering slowly. The trade quarrels with the online business – and struggles with the gray market, which is increasingly visible on the Internet. Optimism is characterized by a good mood with falling numbers. Kim-Eva Wempe is in a good mood. 2016 was not an easy year for the… Read More »

Why men do not buy a Patek Philippe to buy Rolex?

On the preservation, Rolex is indeed the first. Replica Patek Philippe is also very strong, strong Rolex, you go to any watch forum can see that the so-called “labor” forever. why would you say so? Rolex’s highest quality assurance, saying that it is a model of modern industrialization can not be overestimated, Rolex several watch… Read More »