Replica Rolex

replica rolex

Replica Rolex watches UK are Swiss-made luxury watches, its design, production, and always maintain the traditional style. Its performance includes automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dust, etc., work fine, especially the dial, table and strap, carved into the crown is its high-quality signs. Because brand-name watches in the use of advanced equipment, high-quality materials, to achieve a fine processing, high-quality finish. Really Rolex watches, regardless of workmanship, the text is very fine, there is a perfect feel, which is an important aspect of the authenticity of identification.
From the outside look Rolex case fine, strap, crown, English words clear, complete, and imitation table shell rough, text slightly blurred. Especially the table at the end, cover teeth, very fine and clear, clean and have three-dimensional sense, while the imitation of rough and no three-dimensional, generally relatively shallow. Weight, really feel some of the real, fake light much (Note: but some imitation inside also add a copper ring). On the 18K gold to Rolex’s case, strap, the real thing generally from the new to the old gold quality, color unchanged, imitation products have 14K gold or lower K gold or 18K gold plated, but over time, It will change back to the original color. Star of the Rolex, set in the table of diamonds are true, and imitation of diamonds is false.
The market also has a real case, strap, inside the movement of the Rolex watch, so the best use of special tools to open the table. Really Replica Rolex swiss movement, a pry to the automatic rudder, movement splint engraved with ROLEX words, but also engraved with the core number: 1570,2135,3135,3035 … … and so on, there is no fake. Really movement machine fine, clear lines, fake movement is relatively rough and dark.
In addition, the removal of the watch, the side of the case side of the table with the middle of the table number, the bottom of the middle of the table number, imitation of the basic no (some imitation also, but not neat and clear);
Many people know that Rolex watches have a certificate, commonly known as the Rolex watch “account”, in fact it is an official precision timepiece certificate, (Garantie attestation de chronometer official) each watch only one certificate, the above Number and watch one by one correspondence. If it is counterfeit brand Rolex watches, then it’s this certificate is bound to be false, so we distinguish the authenticity of the time, this certificate is also a very important basis for judging. Rolex watches above the certificate also has many anti-counterfeiting measures and technology. Mainly as follows:
1, the paper is more special: true certificate, the thickness of the paper is relatively thin, the surface is not smooth; and false table paper thickness is thick and hard, the surface is also relatively smooth touch.
2, the certificate has a fluorescent: true certificate on both sides, left and right have a fluorescent line, in the money under the lamp can see, most of the false form did not.
3, the certificate has a watermark: When the certificate facing the light lifted to see when you can see the certificate on the watermark, there are a number of Rolex watches above, and the false table will not have.

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